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We are a unique modelling agency created especially for women who have their own spice.

Each one of them is unique in their own skin and each one of them deserves to be treated and called a Goddess!

What is our market focus?

We show our uniqueness by working for brands related with glamour, lingerie, latex, leather, harness, fetish, hosiery and heels. Learn more about our focus by contacting us.

What types of modelling do we focus on?


Lingerie Modelling

It is the type of modelling where the model is presenting different types of lingerie and undergarments. For this category the requirements are that models need to have a good physique and to feel confident. Attractiveness is a superpower, and tattoos are a bonus. 


Latex Modelling

It is the type of modelling where the model presents various garments made from latex. For this category models don’t need to have a specific body requirements, because if they are in latex they will already feel attractive and empowered.


Glamour modelling

It is the type of modelling where the model can present different things from lingerie, to catalogues or publications, but she will be the main important focus. For this category the model needs to have highly attractive face and body. In glamour category the focus is on the models beauty and less on the product that she promotes.

What are our final products?

Brochures, calendars, catalogues, newspapers, tattoo magazines, gentleman magazines, photoshoots, castings and fashion shows.


You must be 21 years old or over to participate in our modelling opportunities.



In Partnership with:

The Art of Massage Theraphy

Onlyforhot, Lingerie Latex Harness

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